The Role Of Oxygen In Hydroponics


In hydroponics, nutrient levels are often focused on at the expense of such elements as space and lighting. This approach can result in significant problems with oxygenation. A proper supply of oxygen is absolutely marijuana growing equipment macomb county essential for the success of hydroponic systems Macomb County. In soil-based gardens, oxygenation is not as big of a problem problem, as oxygen naturally results from photosynthesis. However, with a water-based hydroponic system, great care must be taken, or the plants will experience minimal exposure to oxygen.

Dissolved Oxygen: Different Necessities For Different Plants

Standard tap water naturally has a low level of dissolved oxygen, and for some plants, this existing oxygen may be sufficient. Others, however, require a greater emphasis on oxygenation. It is important to determine a specific plant's oxygen needs ahead of time and to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that all plants thrive. Generally, flowering plants require higher levels of dissolved oxygen than those in a purely vegetative state. The stage of growth and presence of flowers is not what makes this necessary, but rather, the size of the roots and the rate of nutrient uptake at the time of flowering.

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How To Increase Dissolved Oxygen Levels

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For plants that require more oxygen than is already present in tap water, it may be necessary to optimize dissolved oxygen via hydrogen peroxide or air stones. With air stones, oxygen bubbles are dispersed throughout the water, thereby exposing plants to additional oxygen. It is important to take care when selecting air stones, as all are not created equal.

Those that create smaller bubbles are often the most beneficial, as they infuse the water with greater levels of dissolved oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is an alternative and perhaps unexpected approach to oxygenation that alters chemical makeup in a way that benefits plants in need of additional dissolved oxygen.

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Oxygenation is a very important, but often neglected aspect of hydroponics Macomb County. Those who pay attention to dissolved oxygen levels and take the steps necessary to increases these levels for the appropriate plants will be rewarded with improved plant health and overall growth.

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