Why Hydroponics in Marcom County?

 hydroponics macomb county

One of the most critical tasks facing an indoor marijuana gardener is copying and then improving on nature.

Hydroponic Systems Macomb County – the Terminology

There are four basic terms used to describe light and how it affects the plants.

Lumen – this is the basic unit of light. If one could somehow grab light with their hands, that amount of light would be described as lumens. Lumens neither increase nor decrease and is therefore always constant.

 hydroponics macomb county

Foot candle – this measures the amount of light intensity or the amount of light that can be shone on any given area. It is based on how many lumens of light can be distributed to a given area.

Watt – a term most people are already familiar with. It is a rather common phrase that refers to m

easuring the amount of energy a bulb electrically requires.

Lumens per watt – this term is applied strictly to artificial lighting. It refers to how many lumens of light a bulb can produce per watts of electrical usage.

Hydroponic Systems in Macomb County – Incandescent Bulbs

A regular home incandescent bulb isn’t particularly efficient. It only produces around four lumens per watt. So if a person uses a 100-watt incandescent bulb, they’re only producing 400 lumens. These kinds of bulbs are typically unsatisfactory for hydroponics Macomb County.

 hydroponic systems macomb countyQuartz Halogen Bulbs

These are far more efficient than the incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs weigh in around 20 lumens per watt are available in a 1,000-watt bulb. However, halogen bulbs produce a significant amount of heat and are therefore inadequate.

Fluorescent Bulbs

These are available in various wattages and spectrums. The best thing to do is use the highest output and fullest-spectrum bulbs. As a plant grows it requires enough light as well as light that is rich at both ends of the light spectrum.

Metal Halide

When it comes to hydroponic systems Macomb County, metal halide lamps are commonly used bulbs. They tend to carry an efficiency range of about 80 – 129 lumens per watt, but it depends on the bulb. What the initial cost of these light bulbs can be quite high, the prove to be as much as 20 times more efficient than any other bulbs.

 hydroponic systems macomb countySodium Vapor

These lamps are even more efficient than metal halide lamps and produce 90 – 150 lumens per watt, depending on how big the bulb is. The best way to use a high pressure sodium is to have it accompany the metal halide bulb once the plants reach their flowering stage.

Making Lights More Efficient for Hydroponic Systems in Macomb County

Spilled light refers to the amount of light generated, but not what is focused on the growing area. As the light travels, it will funnel out from a source. It can draw an outline around the light that is generated from but not focused on the actual growing area. Light can be best directed by traveling out of the growing area using a reflective surface that bounces back to where it needs to be.

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